Quilpo Sofa

The Quilpo sofa is a smart and compact three-seater that shows well from any angle.  Wide leather straps support the back with tensioners underneath the seat cushions.  They’re secured by dowels at the top and front.  It’s a cool design that together with the glue-less wedged tusk-tenon joints permits environmentally-friendly flat-packing.  Reducing the shipment size shrinks this sofa’s carbon footprint enormously without sacrificing fine craftsmanship in wood, leather, and upholstery.  The cushions are top quality and come in a range of stain-resistant washable colors.

This sofa shares its lines and feel with other pieces of the Quilpo line: sweeping curves, fascinating exposed joinery and silky hand-rubbed hardwoods at home in a formal or informal setting.  It’s both an accent piece and a workhorse that looks great anywhere.

Have a look at the Quilpo Chair for more information about the joinery and at my bio for info about the process.